Teachers demonstrate in massive numbers outside the Presidential Palace (Southern Cyprus) politis.com.cy

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GTRanslate: Under the slogan "NO to the dissolution of the Public School," thousands of teachers were found outside the Presidential Palace as part of a protest.

The course began at PASYDY's headquarters at 6pm, and according to POED Secretary-General Haris Charalambous, more than 12,000 teachers participated in it.

Teachers' arrival followed the speakers of educational leaders.

In his statement at politi.com.cy, POED President, Filios Fylakou said that "Today, the proud educational world has won. We thank the thousands of teachers who have sent out a clear message in the context of a dialogue that is an unchangeable principle in order to all contribute by documenting to the actual improvement of the school. At the same time, the dignity of teachers and their hard work is also non-negotiable and must be respected. We are the first to want the changes that will securely provide a better quality public school "

The OELMEK President, Yiannos Socratous, also stated that "Today we are writing a brilliant page in the book of education. Our struggle does not stop there. "


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