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MrPotatoeHead wrote

The need for increased productivity, to get work done, creates a job. Giving the wealthy more money by lowering their taxes has never led to job creation. It's sad that people fall for the lie over and over again.


ThisGuyIsAProblem wrote

The need for increased productivity, to get work down, creates a job to get rid of jobs.
If productivity increases, then you don't need as many workers. The big corporations need to increase productivity because they aren't making as much money and there's not as much work to do. This is because of development completion. Homes built 200 years ago are still here. Infrastructure built 50 years ago is still here. Phones built 20 years ago still work. And with the internet, people have endless amounts of cheap entertainment.
So everything should be great right? We have all this infrastructure for people to use, there's less work, people have time to do the things they enjoy...
Except, everyone is dying.
As it turns out, non-ionizing radiation from electronics actually is dangerous to the human body since it interferes with bodily processes at the quantum level, and so developing an entire country to survive on electricity may not have been a good decision.
But this knowledge is very touch-touch. A lot has been done to suppress awareness and knowledge of the electromagnetic damage, particularly the most in the USA. Due to weakening demand, many companies have consolidated creating an ultra-rich/powerful class of people and their controlling power comes directly from electricity.
The effects of radiation causes a flight or fight response in the body because it is being attacked. Stress hormones are produced, and if there weren't any distractions, it's possible people would figure it out. So in order to distract people from what's harming them, the ultra-wealthy depend on generating as much confusion into society as possible, particularly fear-mongering. With constant fear news and stress, biases and anger become stronger in society which allows for tighter constrictions and control, which means more electricity, and thus... more problems.