How the fuck are unions using a 50% majority rule system?

Submitted by selver in Worker (edited )

rhetorical question, I just needed to rant.

Jesus fucking christ my union of thousands just ratified a fucking horrendous contract by 12 votes, and the last shit contract was decided by 5 votes.

Union bureaucrats to the wall please. God damn do people suck.

ahhh I was looking forward to a strike, every single person at this company hates the company more than anywhere I've ever worked. I've never met one person even remotely content with the situation, but these cowards can't demand something better when they have the chance (or 50.2% of them can't). I guess the union reps did their job of scaring the shit out of them.


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Cartoon_Cat wrote

50% is the most fucked up threshold, even 60% would be bad. Especially for a 6000-strong union.

You should organise and fight this and demand a change to 75% at least, or even 90%. If there are 2 options (Yes/No), then a 50% threshold makes little statistical sense. Bear in mind however that at this point the people who voted 'yes' will feel like they 'won' and be resistant to further tension - so you gotta work on them first.

If the union leadership are content to leave 2988/6000 workers dissatisfied, you might as well not have a union.


boringskip wrote

majority democracy is the default in most western democracies, we're lucky to have even that, but yeah it sucks