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bloodrose wrote

I'm just hoping with how overworked everyone in my company is that no one has time to look at any of said data if my company is collecting it. I suspect if they are, they are using it either:

  1. To metric on a broad basis to justify not giving us raises or whatever (they'd find something to fit their hypothesis no matter what)
  2. To get ammunition if they have already decided to fire someone

In both cases, what I do on the work-provided laptop will have no meaningful impact.


mofongo wrote

I had to use my own pc due to company shortage at the time. Just visiting any site while on the company VPN had me paranoid, more so than at work.


bloodrose wrote

My personal computer crashed at the beginning of all this and I just decided to use my work computer full time. So, um, here's hoping they don't fire me for being weird, lol.


damnatum_seditiosus wrote

Urg, ark esti. Would it be simple to "trick" the software by coding something that feeds it false data ? I don't know, a random number of keystrokes and query requests for a list of websites ?

Also, hi y'all.


Bezotcovschina wrote

It brings some terrible memories. I still have some psychological trauma from my time working with a tracking software. <Shudders>