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confundus OP wrote

This is from the first section of the paper

There is perhaps little harm in the popular media referring to rewilding as the process of bringing some wildness back to an area, whether rural or urban, in a way that conflates rewilding with restoration. Nevertheless, assuming no conceptual difference between rewilding and restoration is erroneous because each aspires to a different state of nature. Restoring implies returning something to its former condition or state, as with a revered cathedral, classic car or desired landscape. That requires reaching agreement on what the former state actually was, achieving it through precise restoration work, and then continually maintaining the agreed state despite changing environmental conditions. In contrast, rewilding means returning wildness, which is untamed, imperfect, unruly and always changing in ways that are not entirely predictable.

kind of reminds me of the difference between talking to liberals or even marxists and post-left anarchists