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moonlune wrote

I didn't know about the baby shark multiverse. There's baby t-rex tut tut tutu, baby monkey bananan nana and every remix possible. That channel really milked their idea as much as possible lol.


lettuceLeafer wrote

Oh completely and totally unrelated. But I heard someone say something about queeress that answers your question you had in the past. I didn't really change my view but it does answer your prompt way better.

So when u were talking about identity and why not just be a man I would think the Ami benefit is queerness isn't a group to an affiliation it's a statement of tension which cis heteronormative society. And on some level you do seem to have quite a bit of tension do you not?

From impositions and expectations of being a man, not knowing how to feel when ur wife was making u lunch bc of her potential expectations, taking a rejecting many of the Tennant's you where taught and not passing it on to your kids ect.

So under that logic it might make more sense as to why viewing yourself as queer would make more sense.

This is actually an extremely unimportant issue with to be honest no real benefit other than I went "ah damn, that line of thinking is just a quicker easier way to make my point and makes me look smarter. I'll go make it now so I can look well read lol"