Lone Wolf - ˈˌlōn ˈwo͝olf/ (noun):

Submitted by Pop in Whiteness

  1. the term used when white, ostensibly Christian people commit crimes and white supremacist societies wishes to individualize and,ironically, humanize said criminals in order to protect Whiteness and Christianity from the implication and pathologization that are a matter of course when criminal individuals are black, brown, and/or Muslim.

  2. An obfuscation of the fact that there are no lone wolves; wolves run in packs. But the attempt to make the exception the rule is to ensure Whiteness is not seen as the pack (or pact) that it is.

  3. The slick synonym meant to make white terrorists seem relatively "harmless" and "rare" despite the statistics that show that in the United States, terrorist acts committed by white males is the most frequent kind of terrorism committed.

from Son Of Baldwin


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