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ego_mutt wrote

This is peak liberal guilt lmao.

Huge DISCLAIMER since a joke like this got me in trouble last time: Yes white people are nurtured into racist thinking most of their lives. Yes they do benefit from racism. Yes, "whiteness" is real and yes it is an issue but a white woman writing an article titled "white people are broken" is pathetic holy shit. She talks about how white people cant earn badges of acceptance in the article, yet the title of the article just shouts "look! I'm one of the good ones! All whities are evil and so am I!"

Also if you were questioning the literal liberalism of the author, she talks about being a Bernie supporter and gun control supporter in the piece itself, tangentially. Also in her bio says she is the creator of the a TV show called "Army Wives".

Gonna give this one a yikes/10.


CallMeJim wrote

White guilt is pathetic and does not work at all for creating decent theory behind your solidarity. It's the radlib's counter to the white savior complex of the centrists and Hillarystans.