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Bandit wrote

Gender segregation breeds some toxic shit. Good riddance.


Catsforfun wrote

idk i went to a girls school and it was great


RedEmmaSpeaksA wrote

I found an interesting Pin about that. Now I know Pinterest isn't what you would call a scholarly source and I wouldn't treat it as one, but again, I thought it was very interesting. It does seem to line up with my experiences. I went to public schools so I had both boys and girls in my classes, and I'm not sure how to describe it, but somehow without being explicitly ordered to, girls will invariably wind up playing the part of buffers, having to manage the boys while learning at the same time.

As a result, in Girls-only schools, scores go up, because female students can focus on their work without simultaneously having to help manage the classroom. But Boys-only schools have the opposite effect because without the girls to serve as a buffer/target, misbehavior increases significantly. It makes you wonder how much of school systems' structures are planned around this meme, having girls serve as additional teachers/disciplinarians to better manage the boys.

There are so many things to hate about school that we could list until the end of time, but the fact that a handful of jackasses could pretty much hijack a class and keep everyone from getting any work done, because the jackasses feel their need to be an asshole is so much more important, is definitely one of them.

And before you say anything about how the teacher should discipline them, one, I went to schools so overcrowded, it was a miracle if the teacher knew the name of every kid they were teaching. Two, they are pretty much stuck with a curriculum that they are mandated to get through and discipline, however necessary, keeps them from doing that and gives them bad marks with the administration. Of course, if you do discipline them, expect to get all kinds of angry phone calls from Mommy and Daddy insisting that Junior is nothing but the most precious angel on God's Green Earth and if you don't stop persecuting them, kiss your job goodbye.

And while in college, teacher can pretty much say some variation on "STFU or Leave!" to a disruptive student without facing too many consequences, in public schools, they are legally required to give you an education regardless of how futile and useless the effort may be. So you can't just kick someone out of the classroom, and you really have to go all out there to get expelled. Unless you are a PoC, LGBT, one of the weird kids, or not a jock, in which case, they can and will bring down the discipline hammer on your head for the slightest offenses.



RedEmmaSpeaksA wrote

Fraternities and sororities seem to exist for the people who actually enjoyed the cliquishness and back-biting of high school and miss it.