Photos of 'migrants' humiliated in Tel Aviv cause outrage

Submitted by ziq in Whiteness (edited )

A black man is grabbed and manhandled by a white man, who takes a selfie of them both, grinning, while the black man cringes. The photos that caught this moment shocked social media when they were posted online on April 26. We spoke with the photographer, who said it was an instance of deliberate humiliation and psychological violence, and regrets the way that his photos have been discussed and taken out of context online.

The scene took place in Tel Aviv, Israel, on April 24, and began to circulate online two days later, causing outrage. In the photos, a bare-chested black man has his hair grabbed and pulled by a white man who takes a photo of them both.

“It was like he was saying to this person, ‘You are inferior to me, entertain me’”


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That’s messed up.


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