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profiled wrote

Honestly...How was she supposed to know if this is what her parents told her? I am struggling with this as a Black person as well. So many people identify with this one drop nonsense that doesn't exist in any other country. I feel that race is a man made capitalistic structure based on appearance, without regard for the person's ethnicity.


JScFEd1ufKW5f8q3 wrote (edited )

My grandmother is native, as in her mother died on a reservation.

What does this mean for me? Fuck all. You would never know it looking at me, so I don't have to deal with any prejudice. I have no shared struggle. She never passed any cultural elements (thanks uber Christian grandpa), so I'm not even sure what I'm missing. I have no social proximity. I am, by any common ascertainment, "white".

Fuck Warren and every other white person who claims heritage based on some long dead " relative" that was probably female and probably property.

based on appearance

Well, yeah. At the risk of fucking this up: You're black because you were told you were. That's the whole problem with race.


profiled wrote

Thank you for being so candid about your experience and about what your Grandmother went through. Many people would just try and escape any blame by clutching closely to that long ago heritage. And you are right. In very few situations does this kind of thing come up for people who are far removed from their oppressed lineage. As a Black person, I am tired of people doing this to us. It is awful. We have white looking people identifying as Black then claiming that we are oppressing them.

I understand that there are a lot of people theorizing that race isn't real. And I have believed this but from what I know thus far, Black was a chosen title to differentiate from the forced other titles.