Transculturalism is white people's latest attempt to appropriate and erase marginalized identity

Submitted by Mango in Whiteness

Anarcho-whiteys frustrated me whenever they had the discussion on how minority of culture interacting with their whitey cultures, often either involving them trying to whitesplain it, or they attempt to actually blur the struggle of marginalized people. Worst of all, whenever these white radicals realized that their white culture is just a trashy hegemonic dumpster that are appropriated or outright stolen from other cultures, they whip out the transculturalism card, saying that all cultures should be normalized and mixed, or simply "there is no culture." This weak ass attempt by whiteys, particularly white anarchists, toward anyone who judged their white hegemony of shit, is no stranger to any PoC, non-whites and indigenous who spent their time working and organizing with them.

Historically, fascists were and are the only other group trying to appropriate marginalized and racialized cultures. But anarcho-whiteys are not fascists, however talk and walk like one, making them much more dangerous than any liberal or reactionary. White anarchists love to dictate how other cultures should be appropriated, yet they also love to tell the world, that they're the fairest dipshits.


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profiled wrote

I don't want to say too much here but look at what Radical Feminists are dealing with with right now with the Liberal Feminists. Oppressor groups can only exploit. There is no "feeling like" an oppressed group of people. What we deal with is not a feeling.

There is no exchange under Supremacy, ONLY exploitation.