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BrowseDuringClass1917 wrote (edited )

This guy has a shitty understanding of what meritocratic systems are. He flat out says that diversity and meritocracy are at odds which is just straight foolish since his whole basis is that our current and past meritocracies haven't been diverse and have in fact shut out diversity. But this comes from the liberal understanding of the world that meritocracy has existed or can exist in a class society, which is just false. A real meritocracy, a communist meritocracy, would not have this issue.

Edit: The writer of the article himself is also like balancing on the edge of white supremacy and many of his assertions have no basis in anything. NYT sucks ass


ziq wrote

Can you talk somewhat about a real communist meritocracy and what it would entail, as well as the conditions that would need to be present in order to facilitate it (since obviously none of the socialist states have achieved communism / meritocracy)?