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AgitatedStatesOfAmazement wrote

People with white skin but are not white shouldn't be alienated by this.

Worth pointing out that privilege is nearly impossible to completely outgrow. If you're classified as white by the society in which you live you're almost certainly oblivious to some aspects of white privilege and will definitely "be white" from time to time no matter how well-informed and anti-racist you are.


drfuzzyballs1996 OP wrote

Might I add: I used to live in an almost 100% white community, and when I was between jobs I used to dig in dumpsters behind apartment buildings for recyclable metals. Yeah not everything is about privilege \comrade.


[deleted] wrote


drfuzzyballs1996 OP wrote

Partially agree with this, When I was in my home town some resident called the cops because they saw me creeping around at night at thought I was up to no good, cops came over and said it was cool as long as I did it in daylight. Went to the next town over and the coppers there said they would charge me if they ever caught me trash picking again. If I was a melanin-enhanced individual I probably would get less mercy since the area is over 90% white and the cops gotta profile.