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amongstclouds wrote

I'm as pale as snow and I don't feel alienated. :s


ziq wrote (edited )

So it's possible to not be a complete scumbag who huffs and puffs and blows with all their might when they hear the word 'whiteness' somehow..?


amongstclouds wrote

Well, according to most people I am like this because I hate myself. I don't understand why they think I hate myself. I just know I am better than they are.


TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote

it's a forum for pointing out when white people are being oblivious to (racial) power structures still in place today. this short article will explain and introduce the concept better than me.

Also its for venting and calling out racists.

People with white skin but are not white shouldn't be alienated by this.


AgitatedStatesOfAmazement wrote

People with white skin but are not white shouldn't be alienated by this.

Worth pointing out that privilege is nearly impossible to completely outgrow. If you're classified as white by the society in which you live you're almost certainly oblivious to some aspects of white privilege and will definitely "be white" from time to time no matter how well-informed and anti-racist you are.


drfuzzyballs1996 wrote

Might I add: I used to live in an almost 100% white community, and when I was between jobs I used to dig in dumpsters behind apartment buildings for recyclable metals. Yeah not everything is about privilege \comrade.


amongstclouds wrote

Whiteness is NOT the only mode of privilege someone can experience.


drfuzzyballs1996 wrote (edited )

That I agree with, if my parents couldn't prop me up when I was in early adulthoood I would probably be sleeping under a bridge right now, what I was saying some things go beyond race or gender.


AgitatedStatesOfAmazement wrote (edited )

Privilege isn't one whole unified Thing that you either have or don't have, it's a complex system of interconnected facets, each of which you can have more or less privilege in. E.g., a black man still has male privilege despite lacking white privilege and a white woman still has white privilege despite lacking male privilege. No matter how bad your situation is, if you're white and/or male and/or straight and/or cis and/or able and/or anything else, each one of those is a privilege in and of itself and there's always someone out there in the same situation with one fewer privilege who you have a leg up on and should try to avoid trampling.

If someone says you have white privilege, they're not saying you eat gold-plated caviar in a cartoonish $50M mansion, they're saying you're unlikely to be murdered by a cop for reaching for your registration after he tells you to.


bloodrose wrote

You're not understanding privilege adequately. In your case, being white while dumpster diving afforded you more safety in dumpster diving than say a black man or woman would have. It would be less likely that the cops would be called on you for diving than it would for a person of color. Privilege doesn't mean your life didn't have shitty circumstances, just that your color did not make your circumstances even shittier.


drfuzzyballs1996 wrote

Partially agree with this, When I was in my home town some resident called the cops because they saw me creeping around at night at thought I was up to no good, cops came over and said it was cool as long as I did it in daylight. Went to the next town over and the coppers there said they would charge me if they ever caught me trash picking again. If I was a melanin-enhanced individual I probably would get less mercy since the area is over 90% white and the cops gotta profile.


miser wrote

That is not what white privilege is.

Having "white privilege" means you and your family have not been significantly set back by historical systemic racism. For instance, white people were not the target of the KKK (black people were) nor were they the target of Jim Crow laws nor were they once considered to be "3/5ths of a person" nor were they target of "blackface".

This is why we have a list of things like "first black president", "first black Marine Corps officer", "first black to earn a PhD.", and so on. It's because whites have the privilege of not significantly being oppressed by systemic racism in America.

There is more to white privilege than this, but It is possible to be as poor as dirt and have white privilege because there are other things that could've set you or family back in life (e.g. sexism, mental illness, abusive family, homophobia, bad luck, etc.)


MrPotatoeHead wrote

The linked article is a good read. It's almost amazing that the Irish, some of the most melanin-challenged people on earth were looked down upon in recent history as not-white, in the sense of the meaning discussed here.