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AgitatedStatesOfAmazement wrote

If there was ever any shred of doubt that just maybe the NRA isn't racist as shit, it was lost when they refused to defend Philando Castile. Their whole fucking thing is that citizens have every right to be armed, they scream about the Communist Democrat Antifa Cucks™ stealing their God-Given Second Amendment Rights™ whenever someone suggests maybe it's not a good idea to have 10-year-olds carrying at school, and then this pig empties his mag into a black guy for legally open carrying in his own car and they look the other way and whistle.


rot wrote

"good guy" always means white man.


edmund_the_destroyer wrote

I read somewhere that the NRA was pro gun control when the Black Panthers were active.

So the government can take guns away, just as long as it takes them away from non-whites.


AgitatedStatesOfAmazement wrote (edited )

Ronald Reagan, the #1 idol of reactionary US gunfuckers, was actually the first to introduce gun control laws in California for exactly that reason.