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ziq OP wrote (edited )

If you weren't denying colonialism then idk what this convo is. You said your white mother is a property owner but somehow not a colonialist.

countries white supremacists are fleeing to, than the one they are fleeing from.

I come from a heavily colonized country.. including by the British.


therealmidnite wrote

So at what point will my mother cease to be a colonialist (according to your definition of it)? When she's living on the streets?


Pop wrote (edited )

so radicals I know would hold the position that until the land is returned and various reparations are made, whoever is occupying stolen indigenous lands is a coloniser

I'm not sure why this is troublesome for you either

coloniser is not an identity you choose, it's a relation to a space
there's no escaping the position in the same way that there's no escaping inhabiting whiteness until the whole structure of white supremacy is destroyed and amends have been made

accepting that as true rather than resisting being called something uncomfortable that you straightforwardly are, and then working to destroy colonial structures and ideas from your position, is the best option all colonisers have


ziq OP wrote (edited )

Just be conscious of the power disparity and recognize it for what it is.


therealmidnite wrote

Afraid of saying it, ziq? I think we get enough reductionist bullshit from our own political establishment - we don't need it from first-world leftists as well. Goodbye.


ziq OP wrote

I'm not a first world leftist... afraid of saying what? I already said my bit in the OP.