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edmund_the_destroyer wrote

I'm a white guy. I'm aware of some of this, but I'm sure it would be arrogant and more importantly wrong for me to think I've stepped past all of it.

I did call out people in my social circle using racial slurs on the rare occasion it happened. When I talk to my kids about racism, I point out how when a black person accused of criminal activity is in the news some people in our social circle will comment on blacks, period but when a white person accused of the same kind of criminal activity is in the news nobody makes the same kind of blanket assertions about all whites, period.

But the question is, then what? I oppose the American prison-industrial complex and its racist policies, but I don't have that many political options to work against it. And so forth for other options. I don't make hiring or promotion decisions at work, so any racist (or other discriminatory) tendencies I have but don't consciously realize should be harmless. Or at least they should be less harmful than from someone with more power.


rot wrote

It's working to become a less prejudiced person and working to create spaces that are welcoming to your PoC comrades.