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GrimWillow wrote (edited )

That's a tough one to back peddle on, didn't stop her from trying though. I guess she was desperate to flee the accountability of her racism too much to notice that the attempt will make her look even worse.


ziq wrote (edited )

no way does autocorrect do that, they don't put slurs in those databases.


transhumancom wrote (edited )

hell, they don't even put useful things in there, like "suck"

how many times have i sympathetically told someone "that ducks"?


noordinaryspider wrote

FWIW, I have never owned a smartphone and haven't used proprietary software since 2012ish and even I know what "that really ducks!" means.

Autocorrect is part of our culture. Nobody really believes "it was autocorrect's fault" imnsho, and the more you point it out, the more comfortable other people will be pointing it out too.

Sometimes you just have to eat shirt and dye.

I love that colour on you, btw, it really brings out your eyes.