An akward truth about why whiteness won't go away

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There is a lot of anti-white stuff on here,

It's a pity that most here fail to understand that white is the dominant phenotype, and seem to hold on to backwards ideas in relation to whiteness, as propagated by out of date right wing racist rhetoric.

"White" is the dominant gene.

When people of different races have kids, you get a child with a lighter skin tone than their parents. lets call this mix1

if a mix1 has a child with a mix one the child is usually lighter still. mix2

by the time mix2 has a child with mix2, the end result would to most, be called "white"

If at any point an additional white person has a child with any of the 'mix' generations, this speeds up, the white result will happen faster.

Yet it would take successive generations of only having children with non white, or non mix parters, to produce a fully non-white offspring.

We see this evidenced in Brazil. Where entire families have transformed themselves (on purpose) from being black to fully white in as little as 2 generations. You have a black grandmother, with her blond haired grandchild sitting on her lap.

Does the hostility by some to white people, stem from a feeling of fragility of identity in some, and given the trend in relation to 'cultural appropriation' a fear of loss of culture?

If we all keep fucking each other, we will all end up white.

if this destroys racism, white supremacy and racial division, is this something we should be encouraging?


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BigGeorge moderator wrote

You're talking total nonsense, son.

You live and breathe out of date right wing racist rhetoric.