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kore wrote

This type of thinking, where land belongs to the very first group of people to live on it

I've been thinking about this so goddamned much, it's as if decolonial theory has amnesia before the 15th century. Settler colonialism is very narrowly defined (and I think rightly so), so it's not productive to call anything other than European imperialist colonialism "settler colonialism," but the basic concepts behind it deserve a far more general theory and a much broader historical examination.

I think part of the reason that European settler colonialism is the focus is because it's the source way more oppression to people living today than anything remotely similar, past or present. The Israeli-Palestine situation arguably stems, at least in part, from European settler-colonialist attitudes.

The best course of action now is to work to overthrow the american capitalists, who are the real reason for colonialism, from power.

Yeah to me it seems that working on things like immigrant rights would do more to get rid of the white majority.