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kore wrote

To me it seems like it would improve racial divisions locally but exacerbate them globally. I have yet to see anyone seriously consider what happens after white people are gone. It seems similar to the line of thinking of some anarchists that "once we abolish hierarchy we'll have a utopia!", as if struggle could ever be completed


ziq wrote (edited )

I don't think the article is meant to be a serious plea for white USA people to return to Europe, but it does make an interesting case re: the people who are moving to Canada to get away from Trump not actually helping because they're just hopping from one stolen land to another... because the bald-faced realities of (the long pre-existing) European supremacy got a little too photorealistic for them when filtered through the openly racist Trumpian lens.

But in a world where europeans stayed in europe instead of genociding and then settling everywhere else, I don't see why we'd have worse racial divisions than we have now. The divisions are primarily caused by settlers needing to erase everything from a culture in order to lay claim to the spoils.