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amongstclouds wrote (edited )

When they claim cruelty-free products exist while workers remain exploited and the environment continues getting destroyed... at least they can maintain their personal morality!

Also vegans here in Raddle don't want to accept a vegan diet isn't affordable for everyone, especially those like me who live in an area with more kill factories than agriculture. Even then the crops planted are cotton and tobacco. Then they call anyone who isn't vegan 'psychos' so they can continue the moral posturing.

Most of them would rather shame individuals than attack the power structure that create such a climate


ziq wrote

don't want to accept a vegan diet isn't affordable for everyone

I've noticed this too, people assuming everyone comes from the same middle class white background as them. A lot of people live in neighborhoods where you can't even get fresh or unprocessed food, let-alone vegan food.


amongstclouds wrote

I've been told by many of them that animals are worth more than humans and this is just gross and shows they have no desire to truly end the domination and exploitation if it means they can feel good about their meal.