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leftous wrote (edited )

White nationalists all over reddit are pushing this narrative right now - claiming the white genocide is coming in South Africa, and the whites need to unite now. There is a lot of fear mongering and propaganda around riddled over the entire site.

Also I find it hilarious how American redditors suddenly become experts on African issues because they read an article on CNN. I wonder where their posts and spirited debates are on the actual genocides being committed in Africa and the middle east. But I guess they only find it worth posting about when it concerns white hysteria? I find that curious to say the least.


Emery wrote (edited )

This whole thing is hilarious. All they're gonna be doing is taking land from people who own way too much, and they're giving it to people who actually need the land. Nobody's getting hurt.

And yet, all of these people are running around saying it's a genocide. Seriously, shut up, actually know what's happening, then stay quiet 'cause you're still a racist.