Devide and conquer, this sub plays into the hands of the elite

Submitted by Whatsthepoint in Whiteness

The fat cats are sat at the table, gorging themselves on the fat of the land. The finest food and finest wine, only theirs as they sit and dine.

Three crumbs fall down to the floor, hungry mice come running out once more.

The first mouse gets one crumb, the second gets two First mouse says "Why should the extra crumb go to you?!"

with anger his nostrils flair, the mouse then squeecks "This isn't fair" Hearing the noise, the fat cats stare

"little mouse" says the clever cat, "don't you worry don't you fret," offering a crumb "I'll make sure that you are fed"

"Thank you master, thank you cat, you have the thanks of this here mouse, I'll make sure the others don't damage your house"


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Tequila_Wolf moderator wrote (edited )

Alright. u/Whatsthepoint banned from f/whiteness, for this in conjunction with some recent activity elsewhere.

I would ideally like to take some time to explain this in a constructive way, but I just don't have the time or energy right now.

Edit: Just to say, please consider the possibility that there's more complexity to the world than class-reductionist binaries. The image of cats and mice does not reflect our multiply interdependent structures of oppression.