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Whatsthepoint wrote

I got to this bit:

So why do Republicans hate it [Dreamers act] so much?

Because Obama is black and Republicans are racist.

and basically stopped reading. For all the many, many, many faults I could list about America, the American government and the Republican Branded arm of it's defacto one party state.

I have to give credit where credit is due, and that is Colin Powell. The son of Jamaican immigrants who grew up so poor he literally ate dirt sandwiches, who became a 4 star general and Chairman of the joint chiefs (aka the top dog, of the largest military in the world). Like him or loathe him, like the US or loathe it, that kind of social mobility only exists in America.

Obama may have made president, but he lived a middle class life. Powell started out as just another poor kid from Harlem.

I clicked on the link initially because I always find it interesting to see the logic presented (or usually lack therof / hypocracy) when people call out racism / racial stereotyping, while racially stereotyping themselves.

Skimming the rest of the article, it's increadable bigoted. I could copy this article word for word, replacing the words 'white' with 'jewish' and probably submit it as is to the daily stormer.

Immigration is a political issue, not a racial one.

There is no country in the world whose government would be ok with you just rocking up and deciding to live there without filling out the required paperwork. There are many countries where even with the paperwork filled out it's almost impossible to emigrate to. There are also many countries, who are way more xenophobic and hostile to immigration than the US, where the population isn't white.

It was infact, the very labeling of anyone in the US and Europe who had any kind of concerns or questions relating to mass immigration as a racist. that have led to the current rise in the right we are seeing.

I'm (not going to resort to virtue signaling), and believe strongly in the ideals of multiculuralism and post-nationalism.

The denial of rational debate on the topic of immigration, for fear of being called a racist, has only driven those people who had questions or concerns into the hands of the only people who for a long time were willing to talk about the subject, namely: rascists, bigots, and far right groups.

The kind of narrative put forward in this article should not be supported or promoted. It's damaging to the left.


Ant wrote



Whatsthepoint wrote

You don't fight racism with more racism. That's just being racist.

Immigration is a political issue, that most refused to discuss for a long time for fear of being branded racist. The right wing racists were the only ones willing to talk about it, this helped the rise of the right.

Immigration procedure and xenophobia is global and not limited to just "white" countries


leftous wrote (edited )

The problem is that there's an easy way to deal with immigration and refugees the powers that be never want to discuss. All you have to do is stop bombing the hell out of their countries, stealing and destroying their livelihoods, and empowering and arming violent groups. Most people would prefer to live in their homeland if not for the hardships and exploitation caused by western policies and imperialism.

The left (and to some extent the libertarian right) has been saying this for a long time, but it's not like we get any mainstream media exposure. The liberal media has gone out of their way to empower supremacist groups and xenophobia.


Ant wrote

reverse racism huh

glad i didn't read that first comment then