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yesimawhiteman wrote

Since you banned me I will reply here.

I dont think I am. Is it really so hard not to say things like white men were mistake or to say white genocide is a good thing? No. Just don't make white men the butt of your jokes. you especially are bigoted with all the whiteness stuff you post. Are you even white? What qualifies you to tell white people what to do?


Tequila_Wolf wrote (edited )

Are you that same guy from the other day?

When people make white genocide jokes it's because they've already been antagonised by an asshole, and have chosen to respond by playing into their ridiculous ignorant fantasies, because they think that people like you are a waste of energy to engage with. If our first engagement with someone is a belligerent person typing in caps and swearing, I'm not sure why you're expecting serious or thoughtful engagement from anyone to that.

I think you're a waste of energy to engage with on your own, but I like responding because it's good practice for those situations where I have to.

Not sure who banned you but you're definitely calling for a ban. If you don't understand how racism works we've put some significant effort already into making a wiki just for people like you.

It's in the sidebar to the right but also you can just click here: w/WhitenessSyllabus

Edit: made some awkward writing less awkward