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For example, just because Thomas Jefferson slept with his enslaved persons, that doesn't mean his ideas about freedom were bad ideas, does it?

He didn't just fuck his slaves. He also enslaved the children from those relations. Motherfucker enslaved his own children. I don't give two shits about what he has to say if he's enslaving his own fucking children.

But also, he did a bunch of bullshit. He was the first instance of presidential overreach that created an awful fucking precedent that remains to this day. He literally talked about making a 4% profit on the birth of black children.

I....just....I would never listen to a word Thomas Jefferson had to say about anything. They had to have the constitutional congress when he was in France because he was such a tool he'd fuck it up....just...weird person to go to there.


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bloodrose wrote

LOL...Jealous of whites?!! HAHAHAHAHAA I'm so white I'm fucking see-through!