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I've listened to a lot of so called black people. I've heard them saying that so called white people will never understand racism, because they don't really experience it. I've heard them talking about what they really need, to fight racism, is more guns and better organization. I've never heard one say anything that sounded to me like it had a hope in hell of reducing racism even a little bit.

I think most so called black people probably agree with me that racism is at a high level in this country. But none of them know how to fix it because they're all complaining about the mule poop and none of them are looking at the mule. The mule is that marriage rate. Fix that, and it'll fix everything else.

I would just point out that this country is currently at 98% (or more) of its capacity for racism - in the foundational dimension of racism, that is, in the dimension of racism which has to be reduced to reduce racism - and so what so called black people have been saying FOR THE LAST 60 YEARS hasn't been helping at all. Not even a little bit. Maybe so called black people need to start thinking and saying different things.


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I'm not so called black... but if you go by the one-drop rule, which most people seem to, at least in America, then all people on earth are technically black, because half a million years ago every single one of our ancestors was so called black. So there are different perspectives on my "actual" color.

100% sure... I wouldn't go quite that far. I've sent the ideas to a LOT of people who make their living rearranging words, and had absolutely no comment from them. Something about the plan scares them, I think. And this is odd, because normally I get responses from thoughtful people, when I send them messages. Normally they recognize me as a thoughtful guy, and they respond appropriately. I had an email from Noam Chomsky, a couple emails from Albert Alschuler, who used to teach law at the University of Chicago, a couple emails from geneticists... it's really surprising for me to get absolutely no response from university professors.

Less thoughtful people... sometimes they like it, sometimes they don't, sometimes they LOVE it - a guy in jail once gave me his breakfast biscuits because he liked it so much lol!!! Another one taught me one of his gang signs, just as a result of this plan.

And sometimes they HATE it. I've never before had so called black people hate it to my face, or give me any reason to believe they hated it. Those that hate it - there aren't many - have, as far as I can tell, all been so called white.


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can u share with us ur email exchange with chompsky please

Something about the plan scares them, I think.



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no, it was a long time ago and I've long since got rid of it.


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... and as far as "coming off savior-y" goes, I've never heard that criticism before, maybe because in person I don't. I'll give it some more thought; but just as a first take, it's a very ad hominem argument. We should criticize the thought, not the person? For example, just because Thomas Jefferson slept with his enslaved persons, that doesn't mean his ideas about freedom were bad ideas, does it? So even if the idea "comes off as" this or that, the idea itself still stands, I think...