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I have a plan to eliminate whiteness.

I know that sounds grandiose. Plans to eliminate whiteness are not being found under every bush and tree. Please: bear with me. This is a good plan, and it's going to work. Read the plan and see what you think.

Nothing we have done in the last sixty years has been on point, unfortunately. In order to get this country working on the underlying problem, we have to start telling three very important truths.

The first truth we haven't been telling is that whiteness is a fantasy. Now, plenty of people will agree with this idea, but I think many of them are taking it on faith. Because when it comes to racism, no one wants to get into a fistfight. But it's important to be able to say what you mean when you say whiteness is a fantasy, and to be able to prove it. It's important to get people thinking about the truth.

What I mean when I say whiteness is a fantasy is this: if you're looking for distinctions with real significance, telling people by the color of their skin is like telling them by the color of their eyes, or the shape of their nose. It's senseless.

There are many proofs of the idea. I will take it that you all already know this and move on.

The point is that whenever we use the words "black" or "white" to describe people, we should really say "so called black" or "so called white." That will reinforce the idea and get people thinking along truthful lines. Race is a fantasy, and it's important to repeat that lesson until everyone knows it.

The second step is this: in order to be effective against the perception of whiteness, we have to hit it where it lives. How do we hit it where it lives? We look at the marriage rate between so called white men and so called black women. How do I show that's where whiteness lives? Because fixing that marriage rate will fix whiteness. That's the second important truth we haven't been telling: fixing the marriage rate between so called white men and so called black women will eliminate the perception of whiteness.

What I mean is this: if we raise that marriage rate as high as it will go, and keep it there for a few generations, no more so called white men will be produced in this society. We will become a so called black society. That perception - the so called black society - will still be a fantasy, of course. (This is why it's important to establish the fantasy of race first.) But if we fix that marriage rate, then in a few generations, for the first time ever in America, so called black people will just be people. And that's the goal. For so called black people to just be people.

I realize I'm making it sound much easier than it is. It will require so called white guys to look in their hearts. But it doesn't require anyone to suffer or die! We don't have to break the country up into pieces! No one has to go live in a foreign land! It's not going to break the national budget! In that respect, this is an amazingly easy solution.

I do want to emphasize that what I'm talking about is a MARRIAGE rate. It's not a cohabitation rate; it's not a rate of living together; it's not a rate of deep personal long-term commitment. Marriage is the key. Because so called white guys have been having sex with so called black women since slavery began, and the so called races still are separate. That's why marriage is the thing. Marriage integrates. If it were not so, there would be no marriage barrier and nothing to fix. There would be no racism.

Now for the third fact. Now I ask, what does looking at that marriage rate tell us, and how could that help?

There's a document called MS-3 on the US Census website, and that document gives information that can be used to calculate the marriage rate between so called white men and so called black women between 1960 and 1998. If you do that calculation, and plot the data on a chart, you find that that marriage rate stood at 6 per 10 000 through the sixties and seventies, that it began to rise very very slowly between 1975 and 1985, and that by 1998 it was at 2 per 1000. By 2 per 1000 what I mean is that of every 1000 married so called white men in 1998, 2 were married to so called black women. Now so called black women are at 12% of the population, so if that marriage rate were colorblind the figure would be 120 per 1000. It is 2 per 1000; it should be 120 per 1000. What that means to me is that this country is now at 98% of its capacity for racism. Or was in 1998, and the marriage rate wasn't changing very quickly then and so I don't think it's much different now.

That discrepancy is the third important truth we haven't been telling. If the difference was between 10 per 1000 and 20 per 1000 you could find other reasons for it. Geography, economic differences, family histories, et cetera. You could find excuses. But between 2 and 120? No. That's racism. There's no other reasonable explanation for such an enormous discrepancy. This is an almost completely racist nation.

And I know that may be hard to swallow. Didn't we elect a so called black president? Didn't we stop having race riots, and stop hanging people from trees, and things like that? Didn't we integrate the schools? Isn't that progress?

Well, yes, it is progress. But it's not progress against racism where it lives. Those are all good things, but none of them affected racism at its home at all. Just because we don't hang people from trees any more, doesn't mean racism is lower. Racism at home can be measured, as I've just described, and it's not lower. Integrating the schools did not reduce racism. Everybody getting real careful about what they say and what they think did not reduce racism. We've been charging up good hills, hills we need to clear the enemy off of - but racism was not at the top of those hills. If the goal was to eliminate racism, well, we didn't do it. Not even close.

But the point is, now that we know what the solution is, we can do anything we put our minds to. Anything. Now that we know what the solution is, it's not a matter of if whiteness will be eliminated, it's a matter of when. How long it will take. That's why this is a very hopeful message. We're going to succeed. We actually cannot fail. Because while race is a fantasy, although it's a very powerful fantasy, education and understanding are real, and therefore they are just simply stronger than hallucinations and illusions, no matter how urgent or distorting.

But it could take a while. We do actually have to work on it, and not sit around waiting for others to work on it.

So those are the three uncomfortable truths we all need to be aware of. Race is a fantasy; fixing the marriage rate of so called white men with so called black women will fix whiteness; and whiteness is a much more serious problem than most people have yet imagined. Now how do we publicize the idea? How do we make sure that everyone knows what the solution is?

For the broadest possible discussion and the most comprehensive education, we need a constitutional amendment. And not just any constitutional amendment: we need the very first constitutional amendment that makes no new law. That's right: we need the very first educational constitutional amendment. It could look something like this:

Race is a fantasy. Distinguishing people by the color of their skin is like distinguishing people by the shape of their nose, or the color of their eyes. It's senseless. Therefore, wherever racism is, it should be eliminated.

Racism works by a marriage barrier. If historically we see a barrier to marriage between one so called race and another, then between these so called races there is racism. A marriage barrier is defined as a difference of greater than 20% between the theoretical, colorblind marriage rate and the actual marriage rate. Currently the marriage barrier between so called white men and so called black women is almost complete: 118 over 120, or 98%.

The solution to racism is to raise the marriage rate between so called races. This solution is found in the hearts of those who cannot now realistically imagine falling in love with, and ultimately marrying, those of another so called race. And since guys do the asking, it's guys who must make this change in their hearts.

The solution to racism is individual, but that alone doesn't make individuals racists. Until we have a test for who's NOT a racist, accusations of personal racism can have no limit, and therefore no meaning. This racist society belongs to all of us, and we all support it on a daily basis. People who have not yet fixed their hearts are only broken hearted, and no more or less evil than the rest of us.

So that's it. That's the plan. Please tell me what you think.



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zephyr wrote

bad satire


stckyfngr wrote

I don't think this is satire. I believe this is a chud troll from 4chan


TheNerdyAnarchist wrote

How has this person been allowed to troll here for almost 2 years?


Gardon00765 wrote

They hasn't said the wrong words to the wrong person yet so they aint been banned.