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Why TF are there stories about black people taking over America then turning all the white people into sex slaves. If you think it couldn't get more racist these books dump in a shit ton of transphobia by the black people turning all the white men into trans women (but they don't use the word trans) to make it even more racist.

Complete with ideation about feminized white men trying to save a innocent virgin white woman from the violent black nationalist hoards cucking and gangbangs. If you are wondering yes these books are written by white women. Don't even get me started on the masculinization of black women either.

Like this shit is literally so common that I was looking for one books bc I couldn't believe this shit is real and found a different series with the same name and same concepts.



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CaptainACAB wrote

You forgot about the obsession with large penises and how every black man has one. There's a good article somewhere on here that talks about the fetishization of black people in pornography.

Frankly, it's embarrassing which is why I've never brought it up here.

It's the logical conclusion of the "black brute" stereotype; the body is the main focus, most of the portrayals lack any sort of individuality; you'll be lucky if you find one with a name.

Oh, and the way they talk. Think "what if soccer moms tried to type in AAVE". Awful.

I fully support kinkshaming for raceplay, fight me.


lettuceLeafer OP wrote

Very true. If you're interested inuendo studios made a pretty good video talking about conservatives racists fetishization of black men in their video about cuckoldry.


jus74hu3m4n wrote (edited )

The fetishization of our Black bodies serves as an unconscious reminder that we are still commodities to be consumed and eliminated if we do not cooperate. This has been our kin's known history in any country-concept that relied on chattle slavery(read All of them).

Some have erased our presence out of shame(read Canada, Mexico, USA, Carribean, South America etc). Our presence is a refutation of the mythologies that bring about the negative peace of 'functional society'; so long as you aren't Black or African you will be considered Human.

People know that it's wrong, but the primal and unevolved psychology of Animality, present in all Humans, now has a conditioned 'other' that allows people to project whatever learned fears and self-hatreds onto those who are not expected to fight back in any way shape or form; and in instances where we have resisted, we are either incarcerated or killed in the name of security.

The current organization of Western hegemony and geopolitics is predicated on institutionalized anti-Blackness, anti-Indigenity, anti-LGBTQA+, narcisscism and thantophobia.

We suffer so that the delusional elite of dominant society are not rightfully destroyed for causing so much suffering.

Unconsciously, non-Black/Africans are glad our kin's collective indignity is not their own groups fate, but the guilt and awareness that comes from acknowledgement of that pettiness causes a psychological short circuit that reinforces the de-Humanization of the Black body.

Unfortunately, what they have done to our kin, is what they paln to do to everybody, we will continue to warn those who will listen, but for most it's too late.

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