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lettuceLeafer wrote

How about next time u think about making a misogynist comment like the multiple I have done already u instead stfu. Go spout off ur brosocailist shit somewhere else k.


Fool wrote

Due you think it could be due to racism?
Are all of them "most annoying", or maybe there is a specific subset, that truely take the crown?
Rich old hippies?
Albino Women from Africa?
Store Manakins with Terror Inducing Uncanny Faces?
All "women" (using the reference point that "girls wear pink" so anyone wearing pink is a woman, and gender changes with clothes)?


bloodrose wrote (edited )

just more irritating than other women overall

Your misogyny is showing.

Like, if you wanted to talk about the privilege of white women and how white women have held themselves over other women historically and today, that might be a valuable convo, but....really? "more irritaating"? Gross.


lettuceLeafer wrote

Wow, they actually left. I'm kinda surprised they didn't stop to make a thread about how oppressed they r b4 they left.


CaptainACAB wrote

Why is it that whenever weirdos like you want to try punching up, you add an unnecessary quality that specifically targets disadvantaged people?

Like, if I wanted to talk shit about white men, I could do that without targeting queer/trans/disabled/homeless white men.