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Tonic wrote

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Reparations and abolishing property are related but not the same

Yes, I have said as much.

If that was true, major arguments from leftists wanting reparations would say they want to abolish property as reparations.

Dissolving property and humanness into the commons is reparations, both including in them a healing process. This is the same as making anarchy, which is the same as decentralising power.

So, it seems odd to say my thoughts on popular reparations strategies are wrong when u have a completely different idea of what reparations should be and disagree with most people who advocate for reparations.

Why would it be odd that I disagree with most people, given that I am an anarchist? There are many types of authoritarians who believe in their own forms of reparation, anarchists will be in the minority, and overtly anarchist ideas on reparation are not so easy to come by.


kaj wrote

that I am an anarchist?

No, I don't think so. I think you're a communist (anarcho-communist?), which is fine as long as you don't blindly support terrible things that Trotsky, Stalin... did for the "greater good" (like killing the anarchists in Ukraine, Kronstadt, etc.).