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emma wrote (edited )

The video, which quickly racked up millions of views, appears to show Biden saying that kids would approach him while he was working as a lifeguard at the public pool and straighten out his curly leg hair. The clip also shows the presidential candidate making a supposed gaffe by saying “I love kids jumping on my lap.”


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emma wrote

To be clear, I don't believe this incident alone makes Biden a pedo. I think this incident seen in the context of all the creepy touching and hair sniffing makes him... not safe around kids.


train wrote

Well for what I think it's well established he violated women's personal space without consent all the time. He kisses them, sniffs them, and caresses them which is pretty creepy. Not to mention multiple women have spoken up about this behavior. He doesn't do this stuff to men either, it's clearly gendered.

Even more seriously, he's also been accused of rape and he swam nude in front of female secret service agents making them uncomfortable.

The dudes an established creep and so I think it's reasonable to interpret the many videos of him touching, kissing, and sniffing girls and young women in a cynical light.