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kore wrote

It's a shame she had such a terrible experience. Yoga's history is utterly fascinating, and we need more people curious about it doing and teaching modern exercise yoga. It's a little known fact that modern "yoga" practiced for physical exercise is only around 100 years old and is actually a combination of earlier asanas and Western(!) gymnastics/army calisthenics. Of course, the roots of yoga go back thousands of years, but it was primarily a spiritual practice aimed at liberation from suffering (this is a gross oversimplification).

Notably, any sort of movement based "poses" seem to be very modern, and from my understanding historical yoga poses were mostly static. And the yogis then were fucking hardcore compared to even the most stringent Western yoga classes. We're talking like, never sitting down, or standing on one leg for a whole day, or holding your arm above your head for the rest of your life.

I'm obviously an amateur when it comes to knowledge of yoga's history and you shouldn't really take what I say on faith. but the book Roots of Yoga is really good if you're interested.