Fuck Reddit, I'm done

Submitted by Feral in Vent

The alt right assholes have finally chased me away. I can't deal with them anymore. I'd vent more but tbh I'd fucking explode.


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RosaReborn wrote

It's a cesspool of liberals who love to support fascists and actual fascists who love to shit on leftists. Stay strong!


ziq wrote

And don't forget the brocialists that monopolize the leftsphere.


RosaReborn wrote

b-but universal basic income. Then we can all vote with our euros for the billionaire we want to control our lives


rot wrote

Even the Anarchists there are shit


buzz wrote (edited )

even more than that, having a space that is constantly filled with liberal and fash rhetoric means that you have to spend all your time dealing with that shit

I once made a joke comment not seeing color on the r/c@ forum and people took it really hard which I didnt mean to happen but the environment of the forum caused and I am sorry and I love you