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rdko21 wrote

The dairy industry is arguably even more cruel than the meat industry. Female cows are artificially impregnated (raped) and forced to give milk at an incredibly unnatural and extremely painful rate. Their whole lives are pain and misery. Their calves, if male, are taken forcibly away from them and slaughtered for veal. There is also an extremely significant amount of blood and pus in every jug of milk.


elyersio wrote

If I stop drinking milk, how much difference would it make?

And I've heard there's some scholarships for working at a farm. What are some ethical ways to work at a farm?


rdko21 wrote (edited )

  1. Milk is becoming less and less popular every year as people become more aware of dairy-free alternatives like soy and almond milk. The dairy industry tries to counter this by forcing non-dairy milks to be named as "almond beverage," etc. This is because they are afraid of the vegan movement. One person makes relatively little difference in any matter, but it's always a good thing to remove yourself from an unethical practice, and you may be able to show friends/family/colleagues that dairy is no longer necessary. Most movements and societal changes start with one person and build as word spreads among the people.
  2. I've wrestled with this question on occasion myself. I would be more than happy to contribute to a harvest, but I couldn't participate in anything involving animals, as this exploits them. I haven't looked extensively at this issue personally, however.