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rdko21 wrote

The dairy industry is arguably even more cruel than the meat industry. Female cows are artificially impregnated (raped) and forced to give milk at an incredibly unnatural and extremely painful rate. Their whole lives are pain and misery. Their calves, if male, are taken forcibly away from them and slaughtered for veal. There is also an extremely significant amount of blood and pus in every jug of milk.


elyersio wrote

If I stop drinking milk, how much difference would it make?

And I've heard there's some scholarships for working at a farm. What are some ethical ways to work at a farm?


rdko21 wrote (edited )

  1. Milk is becoming less and less popular every year as people become more aware of dairy-free alternatives like soy and almond milk. The dairy industry tries to counter this by forcing non-dairy milks to be named as "almond beverage," etc. This is because they are afraid of the vegan movement. One person makes relatively little difference in any matter, but it's always a good thing to remove yourself from an unethical practice, and you may be able to show friends/family/colleagues that dairy is no longer necessary. Most movements and societal changes start with one person and build as word spreads among the people.
  2. I've wrestled with this question on occasion myself. I would be more than happy to contribute to a harvest, but I couldn't participate in anything involving animals, as this exploits them. I haven't looked extensively at this issue personally, however.

elyersio wrote

In the chicken/egg industry, when the eggs hatch, they check the genders of all the new, cute, fuzzy yellow chicks. Then they take all the male chicks and throw them into a grinder. The female chicks grow up to provide eggs and meat.


PainlessEphemera OP wrote

Wow, thanks for all these facts and videos! I’m surprised so many people commented and liked. Just so you know, I’ve started my vegetarian conversion. It’s cold turkey, so I’ll probably have cravings for a few weeks. I’ll bookmark this thread, so that every time I have cravings, I’ll get disgusted and not succumb to the temptation of eating meat.

You know, I didn’t consider myself an animal lover, but when I saw video of all of the awful abuses that went on, I nearly cried. It only seems a shame that I can’t go vegan instantly, that I have to cut back slowly.

Thank you for all your help,



fturco wrote

Good luck with your vegan journey! You're doing the right thing.


000 wrote

Here are 2 documentaries that will do it:

  • Forks Over Knives
  • Earthlings

You can probably find them on YouTube.


Pop wrote

Yeah, if you want to get your point across, it's quite easy with Earthlings if you can get anybody to watch it

Separately, I just posted a zine that might be useful for you, but it's more for anticapitalists to get a sense of how their struggle is tied to animal liberation

Onion Link
Non-Onion Link


periol wrote

Two chicken-related items. I used to work on a farm in Missouri.

  1. One day we found a chicken cage that had fallen off a truck during transport, with a chicken in it. We picked it up and put it in the cab of the truck, but the smell was so bad we just put it in the bed. When we got to the farm we let the chicken out and tried to acclimate it to not living in a cage. After less than an hour one of it's legs broke just trying to walk around. We had to put it down, and couldn't even use the meat it was so rancid.

  2. The farm was close to some factory chicken farms. I used to run several mile loops, and one day I wound up running by these buildings. The smell from over a hundred yards away was so overpowering that I started choking and vomited right by the gate.

I have never looked at chickens or eggs the same since.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

The rennet that is used to make strong cheeses like parmesan is a dark example.

We get it by scooping out the half-digested mother's milk from dead baby cows.

Then there's the fact that male chicks in egg farms have no use so are tossed in blenders as standard practice in many places.

Really the intense abuses are endless. Same as everything, I guess.


chaos wrote (edited )

When you eat meat, you're eating pain. The animals know they're about to get killed and their horror, fear and pain transfers to you when you eat their flesh, which is why people are so fucked up (totally serious).


tapeworm wrote

Watch Okja on netflix and try to eat pork afterwards.