reading on human inter-species cooperation

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TL;DR any good books about mutually beneficial human-animal relationships? or opinions on the same topic


I've been thinking recently about animal domestication and whether it is opposed to animal rights by nature. I think it's tied to the question of agency and whether non-human animals can consent to do work. For example, pack animals who are forced to carry and go somewhere have no agency, but a cat who is catching mice does it without human force. Also like if you let chickens/geese roam around in a field they'll eat bugs which are bad for the plants. What do you all think? Can humans have mutually beneficial relationships with other animals?

P.S. can we do more discussion on subs like this or is there some other place that i'm missing.


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Naokotani wrote

Not exactly what you are looking for, but "Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution" by Kropotkin touches on that breifly and is very good.


ziq wrote

This is a good place for this discussion I think. f/AskRaddle would be good too.

I have pet ducks that live in my garden and eat the bugs. They have a little pond, they're very happy, and protected from predators. I think humans and other wnimals can live in a mutually beneficial way.