Freegans, Keep This in Mind

Submitted by sudo in Vegan

If someone has leftover (non-vegan) food that they are about to throw in the garbage, freegans would generally eat that food, because doing so wouldn't cause any additional animal suffering. However, instead of eating it themselves, I think it would be better to give that meal to an omnivore instead (one who does want it). By giving the meal to an omnivore, you have delayed their next visit to the grocery store. You have lowered the number of pieces of meat they will buy in their life by one. Even if none of your friends or coworkers want it, you could probably find a homeless person who does. Seen in this light, you really have no excuse for eating that piece of meat yourself, because it could still be used to prevent more animals from being killed.



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celebratedrecluse wrote

Usually meat decays too quickly to be readily distributed in a post-consumer waste instance


DisgruntledOne wrote

That strategy seems needlessly confrontational, and delusionally hostile. Promoting less meat consumption requires cultural change, and that has to be willing. Focus on peacefully promoting progressive change by going to pot-lucks. Offer meat-free choices of cuisine, and hype up how good it is. Culture jamming is an effective tactic for promoting change at a meaningful level.


rot wrote

I didnt read it as confrontational I thought they meant giving out free meat


zzuum wrote

I get it, but as a vegan I'm just grossed out by any non vegan food. I've tried a few times when I get home and realize I got a sandwich with mayo on accident, and I can never finish it.