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Naokotani wrote

The only reason they changed this is probably strategy. Veganism is becoming more mainstream so they don't want to alienate themselves from the general public. This means that they need to have a happy sunshine and roses approach to animal rights that people find easier to stomach.


000 wrote

They should keep the analogy as its 1000000000% correct. Should the truth be derailed due to a handful of people misinterpreting it as racism? No.


Emery wrote

What's so bad about that? It trivializes actual slavery, which - by the way - still exists in the modern world.

Oh, wait, you think it's literally slavery? That must be why it's bad to you.


ziq wrote

About fucking time.


chaos wrote

The rape analogy vegans keep using needs to go next.


zod wrote (edited )

I mean, it's literally rape. They fuck cows with robot cocks to impregnate them so they're constantly giving birth and constantly producing milk. I don't know what else you can call it.


vacuousaptitude wrote

Why do you say that? The slavery analogy isn't going anywhere, PETA is just considering not using it in this specific campaign.


000 wrote

Like when a cow is tied to a 'rape rack' and forcibly inseminated with the sole goal of keeping her pregnant and producing milk for another species?