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sudo wrote

I object to eating meat in general. Say you're a small subsistence farmer who keeps chickens. You treat them well; you allow them to roam across your land freely, you feed them a healthy diet, et cetera. It would still be unethical to kill one of your chickens in order to eat them, for the same reasons it would be unethical to kill an innocent human before their time. The only time in that scenario in which it would be ethical to eat one of those chickens is if one of them had already died of natural causes. In that case, since they're already dead and don't need their body anymore, you might as well put it to good use (i.e. sustaining yourself).

The only time I ever eat meat is when it's literally about to be thrown away (and is still safe to eat). At that point, I might as well eat it, because the damage of killing the animal has already been done, and by eating it I won't be the cause of the meat needing to be re-stocked, which would cause another animal to be murdered. Even then, I try to give it to a homeless person, or someone else who I know is an omnivore, to prevent them from going out and buying meat for that meal.