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transtifa wrote (edited )

This article seems to be bashing veganism, with that line about cashews being necessary for veganism...

Like... Idk what the right course of action with this kind of thing is. It's good to be aware, but like...

I don't believe in the "No Ethical Consumption Under Capitalism" meme, but it's pretty hard to have grips on my consumption in this kinda environment.


Tequila_Wolf OP wrote

I don't read it as bashing veganism, mostly it seems to me to be noting the consequences of the dietary change. I'm not sure where you read the bit about cashews being necessary for veganism, I missed it. To some degree they probably are - if it weren't cashews it might just as easily be something as harmful.

I post it because I think it's important to ruthlessly critique veganism, just because there are so many garbage vegans who don't give a shit about people's suffering. This is not to say that we shouldn't be vegan, rather it is towards having people get a greater knowledge of effects of eating the foods they eat in their specific context.