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hjek wrote

Cool to have a presidential candidate who'll even discuss this. He is still in apologetic vegan stage, and probably wouldn't be enacting any vegan policies:

None of us want our government or elected officials preaching to us and telling us what we can or can’t eat. This is the United States of America, and I, for one, believe in our freedom to choose. So, I don’t want to preach to anybody about their diets; that’s just not how I live. But I am who I am.

I wonder if he has been correctly transcribed: "we shouldn't be trying to hurt ... [the] dairy industry"? Isn't that like a pacifist presidential candidate that doesn't want to hurt the arms industry?

And we shouldn’t be trying to hurt industries—whether it’s the almond milk industry, dairy industry, or Veganaise or Just Mayo which has literally been under attack by the egg industry because they don’t like the competition.


existential1 wrote

If he were to win, I would expect nothing from him in terms of vegan-oriented policy. Maybe some people would be more willing to be open to the idea of "personal" habit changing...but it is industry that is most responsible for most problems...and he admitted, as you quoted, that he has no interest in pressuring industry.