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zzuum wrote

I don't know if any of those links goes to the study and I'm afraid to click them because it's Yahoo. But I'd ask if they accounted for the demographics, since I'd imagine general vegans are younger. Then I'd add that vegans might be more health oriented anyway so they take greater precaution with their health.


betterletter wrote

all they said was that vegans take more sick days and visit their doctor more often. not necessarily a bad thing, my guesses are:

A) vegans are frequently middle-class and have access to jobs that allow sick days

B) are generally more concerned about their health

C) tend to be left-wing and dont give a shit about workplace loyalty

who knows really. I just thought it might cause some interesting discussion because I get the flu every year and I didnt last year when i went vegan


existential1 wrote

Am vegan. Have had less sick days taken since becoming vegan. I do visit the doctor more often, but I've also gotten better jobs with better healthcare since becoming vegan.

The only serious health-issue I had related to my veganism was like some weird ear pain and earwax stuff related to a lack of particular fats....but then I just adjusted my diet and everything was fine.


edmund_the_destroyer wrote

As a single anecdotal point, my sister was an omnivore that almost never went to the doctor or took sick days in her 20s because she was too poor. She managed to get better paying jobs and became vegan, and is at the doctor a lot for problems she always had but could not get care for when she was younger.


hjek wrote (edited )

all they said was that vegans take more sick days and visit their doctor more often.

And it's dubious whether The Sun even got that right.

How other papers describe that "study", it's more that of the 1000 people asked, those, who were vegan, had more sick days than they themselves did last year:

And while the reasons for the high sick-day count are unclear, two-thirds of vegans admitted to taking more time off work due to minor illness in 2018 than in previous years.

In contrast, just half of their meat-eating colleagues reported that they took the same amount of time off as the year before, while one in three said they took less.

Why is it even considered acceptable to post this kind of pseudo-science on Raddle?


hjek wrote (edited )

They're quoting The Sun which get their data from here:

The study of 1,000 office workers was part of the Fisherman’s Friend annual cold and flu survey.

I can't find the poll (oh, excuse me: "study") on Fisherman's Friend website, but Daily Mail, Metro et al all have similar articles from the same "study".

Worth noting is the two videos included in The Sun article:

Piers Morgan is in hospital and fans think it was caused by the vegan sausage roll he ate on Good Morning Britain


Veganism is widely seen as very trendy

I doubt they're accounting for demographics as this phrase reveals:

The survey also revealed that millennial workers take three times more time off work than those aged 55 and over.

I'll post a link to the poll itself if I can find it, but none of the articles, claiming to rely on that poll, actually link to it.


conseil wrote

Well, first of all, I think we need to acknowledge that sicking out of work is praxis.


ziq wrote

I don't take sick days or visit doctors.


happy wrote (edited )

Could it be related to not getting the antibiotics that are going to be found in animal products?

I think you are also probably right about vegans more likely to take a sick day and having access to jobs with sick days. Its hard to knowhow they account for that without reading the study.