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thekraken wrote

I realized that eating something that didn't want to be eaten was pretty rude, and I wouldn't appreciate it if that creature were trying to eat me, so why should I do it to them?

Now it's more about standing up for those who can't defend themselves, because fuck people oppressing creatures with feelings just because they want to eat their corpses.


mouse wrote

I was listening to a lot of vegan punk and just went all in a few months ago


0819181222 wrote

i was vegetarian and my partner went vegan and wanted me to go vegan with her. looking back it feels like a natural progresssion since even when i was vegetarian i avoided things like eggs and milk


TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote

story time: While I always had an anarchist penchant, I only discovered the literature and met other anarchist on reddit a few years back.

Interacting with other anarchist, and agreeing with them on trivial elements made me question myself even more: I opened myself to opinions I didn't even think about before and veganism was one of them: my reasoning went something like this:

"If I agree with these people (who happen to be vegan) on mostly everything political, and agree with them on mostly everything ethical, I should look into veganism a bit more..."

once I decided, I went vegan in a week (it still took me a year of research before I got to this point though).


legalize wrote

One day, I felt awesome. Light on my feet, awake and alert, strong. Colors were brighter and more vibrant, people smiled at me and I smiled back. I thought about it for a while, until I came to realize that just by happy accident, I hadn't eaten any meat that day.


noordinaryspider wrote (edited )

I had been vegetarian since childhood and one of my kids was diagnosed with an extremely severe dairy allergy.

It was kind of a funny scene at the pediatricians because I assumed that the kid would have to eat meat if she couldn't drink animal milk. My pediatrician had been vegan for quite some time and set me straight.

I'd rather die than let someone kill my kid so I'm about as sure other mothers feel the same way as anyone can be.


JScFEd1ufKW5f8q3 wrote (edited )

I adopted a whole food plant based diet to reduce high blood cholesterol. After seeing that it was actually not a big deal to accomplish, it was easier to accept all of the other big reasons.

I mean, nobody with any empathy is really okay with what is done to animals but they keep plenty of excuses in their head.


Freux wrote

Listening to political bands, I realised I agree with the lyrics but I was eating meat and it didn't make sense. So I start with veganism and it didn't last and went vegetarian. But I stopped drinking milk and I remember tasting it a bunch of years later and it was disgusting. I eat vegan at home but sometimes i buy cookies that either contain milk or egg. I eat vegetarian at others as everyone freaks out how hard it is to make food for vegan.

So in the end I'm not vegan but a vegetarian that tries to avoid animal products.


zzuum wrote

Was eating meet, met someone who was vegetarian. Watched some documentaries that I was curious about, decided to become vegetarian. Lasted about a week before I went full vegan and never looked back.

The argument that got me hooked was:

  1. Suffering is bad
  2. Animals suffer
  3. We should work to reduce suffering in the world
  4. Humans can survive without animal foods
  5. Therefore, we should stop killing animals to eat them.

That one I got from some ugly, html website out there.


existential1 wrote

Read some articles and watched some documentaries a couple years ago, went vegan and havent looked back.


jjrule wrote

I don't exactly remember, but I've been vegetarian since I was around 15. I've been a committed vegan for about 2 years now. When I eat dairy or meat, I just don't feel well.


shiny wrote

i am not a dietary practice but i have decided that living by my personal preferences is more important to me than the practical convenience or morale of appeasing their sensibility and sitting at their table. that i prefer to eat what i need and truly enjoy, rather than simply what happens to be available through instillled traditions of cruelty. Layla Abdel Rahim and Ria del Montana are some trusted accomplices who have helped my assertion by sharing their encouragement .


Silas_wind wrote

Moved to a commune last year. Made some dramatic changes in my life and decided Veganism should be one of them (after 7 yrs vegetarian). Changed my mind after ~3 months while drunk. I was really hungry all the time. But I'm still hungry all the time honestly. I've been back in Babylon for about a year and I decided to go vegan again today. My partner is vegan so it's pretty easy. Man I hope my metabolism slows down someday (am 22yo).