What to serve with potato pancakes?

Submitted by NeoliberalismKills in Vegan

I'm trying to consume less meat and in working towards becoming a vegan. I'm going to try and make vegan potato pancakes tonight. Any suggestions on what else to serve with them? Or do they work ok as a meal on their own.



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zzuum wrote

Things I've liked as sides:

Cole Slaw (vegan mayo)

French Fries (too much potato?)

Chopped fruit (cleanse the palate)

Garlic toast - vegan butter + chopped roasted garlic

Arugula salad


yaaqov wrote

This might depend on what’s in the pancakes but a vegan topping I love with potatoes is a Salsa criolla/ zarza peruana; most basically, it’s thinly chopped red onions and lime juice. I like a version with lots of black pepper. You could use fresh chili peppers, or bell peppers, or pickled beets, too. Cilantro or flat leaf parsley would be nice. You could add some salt. If you don’t have lime, lemon juice or even red wine vinegar could work. Rinsing the slices of raw onion in cold water for a couple minutes will reduce their sharpness.


Xylanthius wrote

dude, apple sauce.


RosaReborn wrote

I do this all the time. I try not to make it too sweet if I'm making the apple sauce myself but if you get store bought stuff that's usually unavoidable


Xylanthius wrote

You think applesauce is too sweet? and you would like a mild sauce?

Do you get the kind that is made of just apples and that is too sweet, too?

or are you saying that you make it a different way that makes apples less sweet?

One time I made applesauce in my vitamix with a bunch of apples from the tree I needed to do something with. Imagine if you had a farm. It would be so easy to live off of latkas and applesauce. Maybe that's how that combination came about in the first place? What do you think?


RosaReborn wrote

There's a whole bunch of apple trees near me so I just got through making every apple product you could possibly imagine. When I make the potato pancakes I try to use my sourest apples and add a bit of cinnamon. I just don't like the jarred stuff they have at my grocery store, it tastes too processed and sugary but sometimes I find a type that I like.

I'm just splitting hairs, apple sauce on potato pancakes is good no matter what. i just have more apple products than I know what to do with and all the sugary things are getting to me :)


edmund_the_destroyer wrote

I find the no-sugar-added applesauce in stores is pretty sweet but still edible. The regular applesauce is too sweet for me.


OldHippieChick wrote (edited )

Applesauce is traditional with them in the Jewish culture and absolutely delicious.


Aesbeth wrote

Baked Beans


Veggie Curry

Like, those are 3 of my fav to go with pancakes.