vegans expected to be beautiful

Submitted by Xylanthius in Vegan

I think that a lot about beauty depends on genetics.

I"m a long term vegan, and I'm ugly. No one would ever expect me to be a vegan i don't think.

but i feel stigma to tell people i'm vegan because of that. because vegans are expected to be beautiful.




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Xylanthius OP wrote

I hate how in veganism there is such a focus on weight loss.


RosaReborn wrote

Health is a big concern and should be prioritized, but the emphasis on weight loss is annoying. Vegan is beautiful, no matter who you are, you are beautiful!


zzuum wrote

So damn annoying. As a guy trying to gain weight, it's so frustrating that every restaurant with a vegan option has it in the"light calorie" section


ziq wrote

I think beauty depends on what the person feels, as well as their environment.


mouse wrote


I spent years of my life absolutely miserable because of my weight and skin... until i got on the right antidepressants. now I can see that I was completely overreacting to my condition. feels so good to finally be in the right frame of mind :)


Dookie wrote

It's interesting how when babies are born they are all beautiful, but at some point down the line we change our thinking towards others and start judging them.