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ziq wrote (edited )

Assuming it has to last a week?

A week's supply of buckwheat, mushrooms, sweetcorn, tomato paste, paprika, squash, aubergine, taro, cumin and tumeric. Put it all in a pressure cooker with water and set it to the rice setting plus 2 minutes.


mofongo wrote

I can't imagine how all that is tasty.


Copenhagen_Bram wrote

I think it sounds tasty.

Problem is I don't have a pressure cooker.


bloodrose wrote

If you don't have a pressure cooker, you can just cook in a large pot for a longer period of time.


noordinaryspider wrote

Those were very popular on WTM (homeschooling site) but I was hesitant because the recommendations were coming from upscale hipster types.

Now I do want one.

Just not enough to cook my kid and sell him to get the money,


The recipe does look good, though, as does the thought of cooking once for a whole week without having to deal with freezing and grumpy kids complaining that we had that yesterday.