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OldHippieChick wrote (edited )

It's very old school, but Frankie Lappe's Diet for a Small Planet has some good info on shopping. The Farm cookbook is also very good for low budget and relatively easy. iirc, it doesn't assume a lot of experience--at the time it was written, a lot of adult men were starting with absolute zero experience after being shooed out of the kitchen for their entire childhoods. The writing isn't condescending, it just doesn't assume you already know a lot of complicated techniques.

I've got kids like that aide and my own set of mobility problems. What has worked best for me is to give them very specific instructions such as, "A bottle of Annie's brand Shiitake and Sesame flavoured salad dressing which is on the top shelf on the right hand side of Aisle 7", or if it was something very important like three bags of flour that had to get me through for a month while all the adult kids were out of town, I'd SMS a picture of the empty package while the kid was at the store.

Only two stores can definitely simplify things as far as keeping track of prices. I'll channel some Amy Dacyzyn (Tightwad Gazette) and veganized Jill Bond (Dinner's in the Freezer) for you when I get a chance. Can you access the stores' webpages or do you have a subscription to a newspaper that has the weekly ads, coupons, sales, etc.?

Great question to get people talking and brainstorming, btw.